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About the Freshman Center
The Freshman Center at AHS is a dedicated "school within a school" located on the new Athens High School campus. Freshman year is a time of transition and preparation. To better equip students for success, the new AHS campus includes a separate space which allows a year of transition for students adjusting to the demanding expectations of high school. The Freshman Center has a dedicated administrator and team of teachers to focus on this important year of development. Mrs. Gia Russell is the Freshman Center administrator.

Purpose of the Freshman Center
Research shows that ninth grade can be the most challenging year for students. It is a pivotal point in their education as they begin to have more choices in the courses they take, they become involved in more extracurricular activities, and they begin having more homework. Additionally, they begin feeling the pressure of preparing for their future after high school. We believe that having all the ninth graders together in one building provides our teachers and staff the opportunity to help students transition to the high school with greater confidence and success.

Dedicated Leadership
Mrs. Gia Russell has over 20 years of educational experience as a classroom teacher and assistant principal. She and her team of teachers are dedicated to the success of our Freshman students.