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Guidance and Counseling

Freshman Center Guidance & Counseling: Our Purpose

Guidance and Counseling

Welcome to the AHS Freshman Center Guidance & Counseling Department. Our goal is to address the needs of students through the implementation of a comprehensive, standards-based, developmental school-counseling program. We work with all students, including those who are considered at-risk and those with special needs. As school counselors, we provide services and individualized support to address academic, social-emotional and behavioral needs.

Our mission is to facilitate the process by which students are prepared to meet the challenges of their post-secondary goals. Counselors pledge resources for the development of the whole student through a comprehensive, developmental program addressing academic, social, emotional and career needs while fostering attitudes of good citizenship, cultural awareness, lifelong learning and compassion.

The Freshman Center counselor is a valuable liaisons between home and school. Staying in contact with the counselor regarding any home or school related issues allows us to work in partnership to address all the needs of each child. Information such as family changes, illness, change of address or phone numbers should be shared with the school counselor.

The Freshman Center Guidance Counselor serves our students and families in many ways:

  • Developmental Guidance Lessons - School counselors teach students in their classrooms about many topics including: study skills, problem solving, decision making, career choices, bullying, harassment and much more.
  • Small Groups - School counselors work with groups of students with similar concerns to explore their feelings together. Students may need to talk about issues such as divorce, struggles in school, loss, anger, body image etc.
  • Individual Counseling - School counselors meet with students privately and confidentially to discuss issues on a one-to-one basis.
  • Consultation - School counselors work in a collaborative partnership with parents, teachers,
    administrators, school support staff, and community members in order to plan and implement  strategies to help students to be successful in school.
  • Coordination - School counselors assist parents in obtaining needed services for their children through a referral and follow-up process. Counselors serve as a liaison between the school and community agencies to collaborate their efforts for the benefit of the students.

We are here to meet with students and parents invdivually or together. Please reach out anytime.

Meet the Guidance Counselor


Mrs. Shannon Carter




Phone: 256.233.6613